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Forums Open!


I have re-opened the forums section on the site, yay! Come join the discussions on how to become incontinent, the best diapers to wear, and the latest about the online novel, The Circle.

Dealing With Adult Diaper Rash


It happens to us all Diaper lovers once in awhile, and most likely to those of us who use them 24/7. Diaper rash comes in many forms, from friction to a yeast or fungal infection. It can get the best of us, even when we’re prepared to deal with it. Here, I’ll give you the […]

New Logo!


Yay, couldn’t wait to bring in some new updates. The first one being a new logo, including little Kuma (me!). Nothing like one of my favorite dino onsie and a freshly spanked bottom for a logo. The amazing logo comes from Devianart-ist Isadora Arkham, who will also be doing the art work for The Circle, the […]

New Year Baby


A new day in a new year, hello everyone! Boy, talk about a crazy adventure last year. I still have my post to cover rashes, since I ha one that last a good amount of time. I want to add a poll section on the site for newly created videos, I need some suggestions! And […]

Feeling Under The Weather

photo 7

Been real busy over the past month or so and haven’t had a chance to update anything on the site yet But I promise articles to start coming out soon. I was going to do some stuff over the holiday but seems I have caught a bug. Nothing better though than wearing while sick with […]

My Diaper Stock


Keeping enough diapers on hand for wearing 24/7 can be a chore and if you really need them, it is important that you have enough on hand. Today I’d like to do a How To article on how many you will probably need, what you’ll need and how to keep things in rotation. As you […]

Webcam – Mat Mess

Snapshot 1 (10-18-2013 9-27 AM)

After having mushy spinach for lunch, daddy put me down on the play mat for some fun time. I don’t think spinach was the only ingredient in that baby food… and he won’t be back to check on me for at least 2 hours (sigh).   [Show as slideshow] 12345►



So yes, I have a few updates that need to go out, starting with a new video “mat mess”. Expect the video to be uploaded tomorrow on dprtube and linked here. The short version of the video is me playing on a play mat and end up messing myself. No scat is shown nor any […]

Who Doesn’t?


I seriously want a crib… and a high chair.

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