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Tales From The Crib


Don’t miss Tales From The Crib, an online ABDL novel and game. Sign up now for the launch!

No More Dry Mornings


Daddy wow, I’m not a big kid now! This time I somewhat leaked on my bed, good thing I have crib cover and plastic cover underneath the bedding. [Show as slideshow] 12►

Poll: All Good Little Boys Stay Chaste


Chastity, or the idea of not having an orgasm/release is something I’m also into and believe all little boys should follow. For me personally, there are a few reasons to stay chaste: Not releasing seems to keep me into little mode. I don’t know about others, but the longer I go without any release or even […]

Wet Morning


Woah, when I awoke this morning lets just say I wasn’t even close to being dry. The un-training and hypno recordings seem to be working well [Show as slideshow] 12►

My PlayPen!


I did this playpen scene along with a video about 9 months ago, whew. Was a hot, hot day in the summer just before fall was on its way, wearing nothing but a diaper and onesie. The bliss of just laying there enjoying a good bottle of formula dazing in and out waiting for daddy […]

New Baby Pants Paci

photo 1

My new paci has arrived! For comparison, I have a NUK 4 paci next to it. As you can see the mouth guard is much bigger. The bulb or nipple is about the same size as a NUK 5, however due to the way it’s molded, no air escapes unlike most paci’s which make […]

Forums Open!


I have re-opened the forums section on the site, yay! Come join the discussions on how to become incontinent, the best diapers to wear, and the latest about the online novel, The Circle.

Dealing With Adult Diaper Rash


It happens to us all Diaper lovers once in awhile, and most likely to those of us who use them 24/7. Diaper rash comes in many forms, from friction to a yeast or fungal infection. It can get the best of us, even when we’re prepared to deal with it. Here, I’ll give you the […]