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No More Dry Mornings


Daddy wow, I’m not a big kid now! This time I somewhat leaked on my bed, good thing I have crib cover and plastic cover underneath the bedding. [Show as slideshow] 12►

Wet Morning


Woah, when I awoke this morning lets just say I wasn’t even close to being dry. The un-training and hypno recordings seem to be working well [Show as slideshow] 12►

My PlayPen!


I did this playpen scene along with a video about 9 months ago, whew. Was a hot, hot day in the summer just before fall was on its way, wearing nothing but a diaper and onesie. The bliss of just laying there enjoying a good bottle of formula dazing in and out waiting for daddy […]

New Logo!


Yay, couldn’t wait to bring in some new updates. The first one being a new logo, including little Kuma (me!). Nothing like one of my favorite dino onsie and a freshly spanked bottom for a logo. The amazing logo comes from Devianart-ist Isadora Arkham, who will also be doing the art work for The Circle, the […]

New Year Baby


A new day in a new year, hello everyone! Boy, talk about a crazy adventure last year. I still have my post to cover rashes, since I ha one that last a good amount of time. I want to add a poll section on the site for newly created videos, I need some suggestions! And […]

Feeling Under The Weather

photo 7

Been real busy over the past month or so and haven’t had a chance to update anything on the site yet But I promise articles to start coming out soon. I was going to do some stuff over the holiday but seems I have caught a bug. Nothing better though than wearing while sick with […]

Webcam – Mat Mess

Snapshot 1 (10-18-2013 9-27 AM)

After having mushy spinach for lunch, daddy put me down on the play mat for some fun time. I don’t think spinach was the only ingredient in that baby food… and he won’t be back to check on me for at least 2 hours (sigh).   [Show as slideshow] 12345►

Forums Added!


Yay, I added a forums section for leaving feedback and suggestions for my webcam shots. I also added a few sections just to be related to this blog, diapered247 such as incontinence desires and diapers.  Feel free to register on the site (top right) to get access to the forums and registered comments. I might […]

Shower Diapers – Depends


One type of diaper I use as I’m getting out of the shower is Depends. Reason is they’re pretty cheap compared to other disposable diapers on the market and while they’re not the best (not even close), they work pretty well for a quick diaper fix for getting out of the shower. [Show as slideshow] […]

Morning Routine With Cloth


So this is more like my morning routine but with big gauze cloth prefold diapers and soaker inserts. I always drink a bottle right before bed for two reasons: one, I love to drink from a bottle so it help soothes me before bedy bye time and two, it helps make sure I wet at […]

Morning Routine Pics


Good morning sleepy heads! Kuma here with my first gallery of many to come, this time my daily morning routine of changing. Although I usually wear thick cloth to bed (for another post), this morning I’m wearing a Tena Slip Maxi with my newly purchased dino onsie. This is me, just waking up. Yay, another […]

New Supply of Diapers Arrived


Whew, that was a close one. On Monday I ran out of my last disposable diaper and was hoping my new supply of Tena Slip Max’s showed up from Bambinodiapers. Well, that’s not entirely true, I still have the after shower time Depends diapers, but they’re not good for leaving the house or going on […]

Today I’m An Official Bedwetter


It has taken a long time, a little over a year to be exact, but today I can confirm that I am indeed, a bed wetter. It actually happened yesterday, when I awoke, my diaper was way wetter than it was when I started falling asleep. Matter of fact, so wet, that over the past […]

New Onsie for a New Blog!

IMG_0303 (2)

So with the start of my new blog for my journey into becoming incontinent, what better way to start off blogging than a pic with my new recent purchase. Behold my new dinosaur onsie!