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New Logo!


Yay, couldn’t wait to bring in some new updates. The first one being a new logo, including little Kuma (me!). Nothing like one of my favorite dino onsie and a freshly spanked bottom for a logo. The amazing logo comes from Devianart-ist Isadora Arkham, who will also be doing the art work for The Circle, the online novel that is now in the works.

It’s been a long time coming, but I have about 100 images to upload as well, all the way back from October of last year, whew.

New Year Baby

A new day in a new year, hello everyone! Boy, talk about a crazy adventure last year. I still have my post to cover rashes, since I ha one that last a good amount of time.

I want to add a poll section on the site for newly created videos, I need some suggestions! And I also bought a bunch of new diapers to test out with pics. I recently received a package of XP medical diapers, so I have to give those a test run.

A few new blog posts will be coming out this week, stay tuned my littles!

Feeling Under The Weather

Been real busy over the past month or so and haven’t had a chance to update anything on the site yet 🙁 But I promise articles to start coming out soon. I was going to do some stuff over the holiday but seems I have caught a bug. Nothing better though than wearing while sick with a footie jammie on.

Forums Added!

Yay, I added a forums section for leaving feedback and suggestions for my webcam shots. I also added a few sections just to be related to this blog, diapered247 such as incontinence desires and diapers.  Feel free to register on the site (top right) to get access to the forums and registered comments. I might add registered only content in the future for my biggest fans.

Shower Diapers – Depends

One type of diaper I use as I’m getting out of the shower is Depends. Reason is they’re pretty cheap compared to other disposable diapers on the market and while they’re not the best (not even close), they work pretty well for a quick diaper fix for getting out of the shower.

Ever since I started on the incontinence journey, I knew at some point I would begin to leak like all the time. Which means leaking when I’m out of the shower and standing at the vanity to shave the face and brush my teeth. About a few months ago that is exactly what started to happen, I would be brushing my teeth and realize I just peed all over the floor. Leaking onto the carpet is not a good idea, which means as soon as I dry myself standing in the tub, I need to grab a diaper and put it on.  I use the leaning method where you lean back into the diaper against the wall (shower wall) and tap it up.

These only hold about 16oz or about one good wetting. I haven’t peed 16oz at once in awhile now so it takes a few good wettings before this needs to be changed. Some times when I’m more into AB time, I have training pants I’ll wear (which I know I’ll end up wetting).

Morning Routine With Cloth

So this is more like my morning routine but with big gauze cloth prefold diapers and soaker inserts. I always drink a bottle right before bed for two reasons: one, I love to drink from a bottle so it help soothes me before bedy bye time and two, it helps make sure I wet at night.

Cloth diapers are something new for me because when I was a real baby, I was always in disposable, so only now is the first time using cloth. I’ve been using cloth for a little over a year now and it saves a ton of money that would go out monthly on disposables. But it might not be for everyone. First, if you’re like me and on the journey to becoming incontinent, then you should consider cloth in the long run. I don’t recommend wearing cloth when traveling outside or going to events as it will be more challenging to change. But since I work at home, cloth is a great option for normal weekly wear until I need to travel to meet people or run trips for supplies/ daily living expenses.

I recommend washing cloth diapers  every 2-3 days as to keep the ammonia build up down. Seriously, you do not want ammonia build up on your cloth diapers because they will sting to the high heavens if they are. My prefolds take about 2 hours to dry in the dryer on the bulky/heavy load setting. Mind you the dryer is newer and when I had an older dryer it took much less time. I’ll be doing diaper reviews shortly and I’ll include more details about cloth there.