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Blog/Game Updates

First, it has been a long, long time since I have updated the website. If you’ve been paying attention at all to the site you’ll have noticed about a month or so ago the theme was changed to work better with the game now on the front page.

So I’ll first give you the update on the game and then more about myself and the plan moving forward.

Game Updates

So it’s been a long long time since I’ve put out any updates about the game, where it currently stands and where I’m taking it. Long story short about two years ago I decided to change up the story and even the name and redo the game framework.

The game you currently see now on the front page is the new engine going to use for the game compared to the old one. This meant that I would have to go back to almost square one and redo the first chapter. I process in which I’m happy to say is almost complete (yay).

The game name has changed from Tales From the Crib to Diapered 24/7, which is obviously the name of the domain. I did this because the name I previously picked seems to be used more than once in some online media as well as stories posted online. So as to not cause confusion I decided the best way forward was to change the name, plus it helps remembering the name if both the game name and domain name are the same.

So, what is the game? I wanted (and still if I can find I way) put the game in the AppStore and in the Google Play Store for both iOS and Android mobile devices. But due to the nature of the game, I’m pretty such it will be violating their terms about NSFW stuff. However, the game should be able to be played on a mobile device since the entire thing is written in javascript.

The game is a combination of a seek n find and puzzle solver. Your job will be playing the main character, Tommy, who can not remember his real name and why he’s in this house. He’ll need help along the way to remember who he is and why he’s there as well as his decision to stay a baby or leave/escape.

Along the way you’ll be creating friendships, solving puzzles, traveling to new parts of the manor, and reading erotic fiction of Tommy’s story all at the same time. I know i’m excited about the game and a few people who I’ve talked with and have tested it out like the idea as well.

The first chapter of the game, located in Tommy’s nursery room, should be completed at the end of this month to play.

Domain Changes

So with that said I wanted to dedicate this site to being nothing but about the game and its players. That means that I’ll be moving all my more personal content off this domain and moving it to my new personal domain name,

Not everyone is going to want to hear my personal stories as well as getting updates about the game. So, if you came here to learn about my journey, in which there are a lot of updates coming, please head on over to the new domain. If you’re here just for the game, no action is required.


And last I wanted to touch down on how the game will be funded and getting it off the ground. There is the option of running ads on the site and or in the game, like most games in the app stores or through In App Purchases. I really do not want to go down this route, so I’ve decided the game will be run entirely from donations.

Anyone who donates will have their name (nickname, username) added to a screen on the game in the intro of loading the game. The donations will go directly to paying for the design in the game.

I will be posting game updates on the blog side here about how much the next chapter will cost and if anyone is willing to donate a few dollars to make it happen. Just to make sure everyone understands where the capital will be spent. I still plan to role out chapters if no one donates, but some help will definitely move the project along faster.